On Call Marketing Services


  1. Marketing audit and strategy recommendations
  2. Design marketing plans and implement projects
  3. Virtual Marketing Manager – agreed continuous service

Blogs, Facebook, online marketing? Confused about what marketing activities will deliver enquiries for your business?

Constantly changing marketing channels can be frustrating – just when you have your head around Facebook, Instagram is the next best thing.

  • How online does my business need to be? What about the traditional channels? Where are my customers researching, who is influencing them and how do I get a piece of the pie?

I can create and implement a marketing strategy which has specific objectives that are measurable. Only spend your money where you get results, only market in the channels where your prospects are.

Do you know which customers are your most profitable? Have you asked your customers if they find it easy to do business with you?

  • Identifying your best customers helps make decisions about who and where to target your marketing dollars.
  • Every business has pain points for customers. Identifying pain points and fixing them helps you leverage every marketing dollar you spend.

I can step into your customer’s shoes, identify their frustrations and work with you to make their path to purchase easy and enjoyable.

Worried about winning new customers? How do prospects find you – and how do you find them?

  • Do you watch prospects walking out the door or disappearing off your website? Not even sure how you get referrals?
  • Do you know where your prospects are researching – are you represented?

I can help you capture prospect data and behaviour to manage prospects and create leads.

Are you ignoring your existing customers? Are you worried your customers have forgotten you and might call another company?

  • Regular communication with your customers can increase engagement and engagement can positively influence purchasing decisions.
  • The aim is to get your existing customers to purchase more from your business and recommend your business to others.

Increase engagement with meaningful customer communications, feedback mechanisms and testimonials.

Prospects and customers just want their problems solved. How well are you promoting your business as the solution to their problems?

  • Your customers don’t really want to know about your services – they want to know you can solve their problems and they can trust you. Decision making is emotional first and logical second.
  • If you are reading this then you are looking for a solution to your marketing problems. What are your customers reading on your website? Is it a list of services or a list of solutions?

I can help your business create a clear customer offer and brand presence.


• Measurable marketing plans and budgets
• Campaign design and implementation (direct, digital, social, traditional)
• Customer identification and pathway to purchase processes
• Prospect management and lead generation
• Meaningful customer communications, feedback and testimonials
• Brand identity and awareness


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