Even engineers and contractors have needs and feelings

          Making your customers lives easier is as simple as asking what they need, feel and want. What they need (have to do) and feel (concerns and frustrations) leads to what they want (solutions). Let’s put that theory into practice. Below is an example a pipe supplier could apply for Civil Engineers […]

Is your business easy or high maintenance?

            In the game of gaining and keeping customers, being easy will get you ahead of the competition. Would your customers describe their interactions with your business as easy or high maintenance? How do you stop being high maintenance and get easy? 1. Recognise it’s not about you; it’s about […]

Are you romancing your customers?

          Today I want to talk about words marketers use a lot – Customer Engagement. So what is customer engagement? The truth is good customer engagement is all about romance. I like to ask my clients “are you romancing your customers or treating them like a one time, online hook up?” […]