Even engineers and contractors have needs and feelings






Making your customers lives easier is as simple as asking what they need, feel and want.

What they need (have to do) and feel (concerns and frustrations) leads to what they want (solutions).

Let’s put that theory into practice. Below is an example a pipe supplier could apply for Civil Engineers and Civil Contractors.


Civil Engineers and Contractors Challenge: Avoidance of risk

Need: To minimise their risk and don’t want to rock the boat with governing bodies.

Feel: It is the suppliers responsibility to test new products/install processes and gain approval for use from governing bodies.

Want: Easy application  – avoid risk, time and cost it takes to introduce new products and install processes. e.g suppliers could offer a simple portal of approved new products/install processes that can be easily applied to projects.


Civil Engineers and Contractors Challenge: Cost

Need: A more effective and efficient way of doing things to be competitive.

Feel: Frustrated that contract financial penalties, health & safety procedures and sustainability requirements are affecting profit.

Want: Whole project solution – not just individual product focus – to minimise product and install costs.


Identifying what your customers need and feel will help you give them what they want. Customers who get what they want keep coming back.

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