Is your business easy or high maintenance?







In the game of gaining and keeping customers, being easy will get you ahead of the competition.

Would your customers describe their interactions with your business as easy or high maintenance?

How do you stop being high maintenance and get easy?

1. Recognise it’s not about you; it’s about your customers
2. Lose your inhibitions and get familiar with your customers 
3. Identify and implement solutions that make your customers lives easier

Do you really know your customers? What challenges do your customers face every day?

Maybe their biggest challenge is avoidance of risk. Or it could be cost & efficiency pressures, or they need more technical expertise.

Put your customers first and get to know your customers and their challenges. This allows you to deliver solutions that make their lives easier.

Nobody wants a high maintenance relationship. If your customers feel you make things easy for them, they will show their appreciation by doing business with you.

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