Are you romancing your customers?






Today I want to talk about words marketers use a lot – Customer Engagement.

So what is customer engagement?

The truth is good customer engagement is all about romance.

I like to ask my clients “are you romancing your customers or treating them like a one time, online hook up?”

A good customer romance includes regular and meaningful communication, taking time to listen and putting your customers’ needs above yours. It’s about creating an experience that secures a long term commitment.

An online hook up is just that – wham, bam, thank you ma’am. A one time, unemotional transaction. No second date, no getting to know your customer better, no heart flutters. No future relationship.

Customer engagement is romance.

Your best customers want romance. Are you romancing them or using them once via an APP?

If you want to add some romance to your customers life please contact Annabel 021 745 663